Best Tie Ever

Life is full of small pleasures.  One of them for me was going to the wedding of Lisa and Wes and seeing David wearing this:

Death Valley 2001

So I was doing some research for my upcoming Southwest trip when I discovered that I’ve already been there.  OK, I knew that, but I had forgotten most of the details of a trip I took with Rob and Rob to Death Valley back in November 2001.  Fortunately one of the Robs wrote up a nice web page on our trip (using my photos).  Click on the picture below for his write-up.

Death Valley, November 2001


My brother sent me this photo:

That’s me as a teenager guarding the entrance to the secret compound where the Great Leader lived.

No, not really.  That’s from one of the times my dad took me and my brother target shooting somewhere in the Angeles Crest mountains.  That 7mm rifle now has a good home with my Uncle Heinz.

Canadians aren’t real big on guns. I don’t know anyone in Vancouver that owns one. I don’t. However, when I visit the U.S. I am quickly rearmed:

I was a little rusty with the pistol:

Here’s my friend Ed who owns the guns I was shooting above, showing me how it’s done:

Interior Pics

The snow has given way to rain and the result is the big melt.  Like many other Vancouverites, I’ve been spending more time inside than I like due to the snow, but at least it has inspired me to take some pictures of the interior of my place and put them up here.

First we have my exercise bike which I should be on now — with two birthday gifts for motivation:

Here is one of my best all-time purchases — this is a shower curtain that has survived at least seven moves:

I hope this TV lasts as long but that seems very unlikely:

Fuzzy shot of my coffee table that seems to have been inspired by the Jetsons:

Here’s a better shot of the coffee table taken at my previous place:

Here’s my “reading room” (fireplace out of frame):

And of course the messy desk where I actually spend most of my time:

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