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Mount Rainier

Despite living in Seattle for a summer and traveling all around Washington state over the years, I had never visited Mount Rainier National Park — until yesterday.  The drive through the park was surprisingly pleasant though longer than expected.  A day trip from Seattle really isn’t enough time to do justice to this park.  During a short hike in the Paradise area of the park (all a friend and I could manage after the brunch buffet at the Paradise Inn) I took a few photos including this one:


Mount Seymour (CBC Trail)

It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Vancouver — the perfect summer day that Vancouverites dream out during the long gray winter.

I couldn’t resist the call of the mountains, so I headed up to Mount Seymour to visit an old friend, the CBC trail. This trail, probably the most popular on the North Shore, not only winds through a beautiful forest but is itself a work of art of dirt, wood, and stone. It is also a lot fun to ride.

So fun that I didn’t take any photos or video. I’ll have to wear my helmet camera next time.

Edit:  next time

Las Vegas

For years and years a friend of mine and I have been saying we should go to a Star Trek convention someday.  We finally did, and it was surprisingly fun.  It was also a good excuse to hang out in Las Vegas where the convention was held.

Together we took over 2000 photos, so it will take a while to sort through them.  Here’s a few I like:





My brother sent me these photos of a quilt that was made when he was born.  All the neighborhood kids drew pictures which were converted into tiles of this quilt:


My sister drew this happy picture:

Mine is harder to describe:


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