There is something about Maui that is good for the soul.

Something in the sweet warm air, the fields of sugar cane and pineapples, the palm trees swaying in the trade winds, the Humpback whales passing by, the soothing surf lulling you to sleep each night, the conch blowing at sunset, the macadamia nuts, poke, laulaus, papayas, Maui chips, Hawaiian sweet bread French toast, sandy beaches, rainbows, waterfalls, volcanoes, tropical birds, tropical flowers, lounging on the lanai with a pina colada and mahi mahi right off the barbeque, swimming with turtles and schools of tropical fish, and spending halcyon days barefoot and carefee.

I miss it already.

Here’s where we stayed:

My brother and I went on a short hike to a blowhole:

Random flower shot:

Short video clip from the blowhole: