Bigfoot and Joker

What’s the best purchase you have ever made?

The answer for me is a fully rigid steel Norco Bigfoot mountain bike that I bought in the early 90s for $400.  I rode it nearly every day for over eight years.  I used it for commuting, shopping (balancing grocery bags on handlebars), and transportation in general.  I used it for exercise, doing countless one to two hour rides in the UBC Endowment Lands and Stanley Park.  And yes, I used it for mountain biking in the local mountains, up in Squamish, and even for a jarring ride in the now famous Whistler bike park in its opening year.  

Cost per day:  13 cents.

Probably my second best purchase is my current mountain bike, a Joker that I bought in 2001.  It is the spiritual descendant of my Bigfoot, having served me just as well if not better for nearly eight years.

I bought the Joker from Speedgoat, a bike company that lets you pick all the parts and then builds the bike and ships it to you.  The have a gallery of bikes that they build with a short description for each that usually just lists the components.  My description starts like this:

Bill’s Aeon Joker SL is just plain awesome…

I’ve always loved that.

Here’s how the Joker looked in 2001:

As you may have guessed, I’m in mountain bike nostalgia mode because it’s time to retire the Joker and find a worthy successor.  Stay tuned.